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The Designer

When Liat Weber Selivansky creates new jewelry, she looks deep inside, in to her passion for the art. It's a world made of imagination, inspiration, history and future. Art is an inseparable part of her soul and with every piece of jewelry-she shares her passion with you.

She was always surrounded by various forms of art. Following her M.A. in Art History and with her Diploma of Museology in the faculty of art at the Tel Aviv University, Liat had the honor to work for a large private art collection. As an interior designer for over 12 years, she designed unique office interiors in order to create a rewarding, inspiring and functional works pace.


Liat’s gemology studies add another aspect to her jewelry ideas and designs. Today, her deep and growing knowledge in art, as well as her experience, are evident in her jewelry collection. Classic art motifs intertwine into her designs, while she seeks new interpretations and meanings. We welcome you to her work of heart. Welcome to WS Jewelry.

WS weber selivansky - Liat jewelry
WS weber selivansky

The Art

The diamonds are part of the family.

When buying one of our diamond jewelries, you become a part of the family, as all the diamonds inlayed in these unique designs come from a family business of diamond manufacturers.

Established over 30 years ago by Liat’s husband and based in Israel and Los Angeles, the company specializes in finding high quality diamonds from Belgium, South Africa and Russia. Afterwards, the company oversees the manufacturing process until the finished, perfect diamond is achieved.

This not only ensures a truly fine diamond, but also a first-hand price.

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