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Accessibility statement

Weber Selivansky Jewelry is committed to providing equal opportunities for people with disabilities. Therefore, we have designed and developed the website to comply with the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Accessibility Guidelines at level AA.

If you find any areas that do not meet the accessibility requirements, please contact us and we will fix them. For more information, suggestions, and comments, please contact us at:

All pages on this website are written in valid HTML5 code, which allows assistive technologies used by people with disabilities to function properly. The website is designed in a way and color that allows optimal use for people with visual impairments and color blindness. The website content is also accessible and adapted for people with disabilities. It contains headings, information tables, lists, paragraphs, correct links, form controls, and image descriptions.

You can change the text size on the website using the keyboard (Ctrl +) or using the menu.

The website is adapted for viewing on mobile devices. The fonts on the website do not have serifs that can interfere with the reading flow.

Website navigation using the keyboard:

Pressing the Tab key allows you to move between the different links on the page.

Pressing Enter activates the link.

Please note: Pressing Tab takes you to the next link, and Shift + Tab takes you to the previous link.

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