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Inspired by nature, our Elegant Diamond Leaf Stud Earrings are that perfect mixture of femininity and elegance.  

The leaf, one of the earth’s most delicate yet sophisticated creations, has been re-envisioned in stunning 14K white gold and white diamonds in a luxurious pave setting. Designed to appear as if the leaves are sprouting from your ear, these delicate studs can be worn in two ways: with the leaves climbing up the earlobe or positioned as a more structural drop earring. No matter which way you wear them, they’ll be sure to catch every glint and glimmer to make you shine. 

Diamonds Leaves Earrings-small

  • 14K white gold, 0.44 carat  VS/SI, F-G diamonds.

    can be worn in two ways: one with the leaves climbing up the earlobe, or  as drop earring, when the leaves come down.